The Church: God's Gathered Community

"No one can have God for his Father, who does not have the church for his Mother." ~ Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage

The Church... what is it? What is it supposed to be? Why is it important for individual Christians? The church was birthed in Jerusalem and its beginning is recorded in Acts 2, and the rest of the book of Acts and the New Testament is written to help us have a healthy understanding of the church and its importance both in God's plan and for the world. This series will look at the following topics, primarily based on the book of Acts and Paul's writings:

  • Sept. 19: The Church
  • Sept. 26: The Birth of the Church
  • Oct. 3: The Growth of the Church
  • Oct. 10: The Expansion of the Church
  • Oct. 17: The Problems Within the Church
  • Oct. 24: The Suffering Church (problems from without)
  • Oct. 31: The Victory of the Church

Do you value the church as much as God does? Have you found your place within the church? This series will help us gain a more biblical concept of the church, grow a deeper love for the church, and foster a greater commitment to the church, God's gathered community.