Going to a new church can be a bit unnerving. We've all been there, so here is some helpful information to make your first experience at Devon Community Church more enjoyable.

When should I/we arrive?

The service starts at 10:00am sharp. We invite you to arrive 10-15 minutes early to have time to get seated. Special services may start at a different time, but it's always announced on the website.

Where do I park?

There are 4 visitor-only parking spots on the south side (Athabasca Ave. side) of the building. 2 facing the building and 2 facing the street. There are also spots available for those with disabilities. General parking is available in our parking lot on the south and west sides of the building. Additional parking is available on Erie Street on the west side of the church.  Please do not park on the gravel area between our building and the apartment complex. 

What is a typical Sunday gathering like?

The Sunday worship gathering typically lasts 75-90 mins and usually includes: Bible reading, prayer, singing, announcements, collection of the offering, and preaching but not necessarily in that order. On the first Sunday of every month we partake in Communion (unless it is a long weekend, then Communion occurs on the second Sunday).  

What is the music like?

We aim for biblical songs that glorify God and build up the congregation. We sing a diverse collection of songs that range from revelatory to responsive. Lyrics are projected on two large screens. While most people stand during singing, everyone is encouraged to find a posture that enhances a meaningful experience. We have created a playlist on Spotify of the songs we are currently singing on Sundays. You can listen to it here: DCC Worship Playist 2022.

What is the preaching like?

A few words that describe the preaching are: biblical, relevant, practical, challenging, encouraging, and even humorous. Check out our latest sermons here: DCC Sermons

What are the people like?

We are a multi-generational church, we have young kids, seniors and everything in between. People come from a variety of work and education backgrounds, and a few retired folks too. Overall, we're a bunch of friendly, caring people.

What about my kids?

Usually kids ages 4 to 12 are dismissed to kids church after the second song. There they will have a variety of activities like singing, crafts, stories, games, etc. Youth (Grades 7-12) are dismissed after the worship for Youth Life twice a month.

Each Sunday we offer our nursery room to a single family from where the service can be enjoyed. Please contact office@devonchurch.com if your interested in using it.  

What do I wear?

We don't have a dress code. Most of the people dress in casual attire, some a bit more dressy and others a bit more relaxed. 

How can I get connected?

People like to linger after church to talk and it's a good time to meet and connect with others. But the best way get connected is to join a Life Group during the week (small group studies that typically runs mid September until May. The pastor would be happy to connect with you over a cup of coffee.