The Bible teaches us to give regularly and in proportion to our income. In Matthew chapter 6, Jesus teaches that it's right and smart to store up treasures for ourselves as long as they are stored up in the right place, heaven not earth. By financially supporting  the church and its ministries, something as earthly as money becomes the safest of investments, an eternal treasure. No wonder author Randy Alcorn writing about money said, "you can't take it with you but you can send it on ahead."

Giving Options

E-transfer: using your online banking, e-transfers can be sent to This is the easiet and most convinient form for making your donation at any time.

Cash/cheques: drop it off in the offering basket/box in the lobby on Sundays or anytime during office hours.

Debit machine: Use your interact card on the machine in the lobby (you come by the church during office hours) app: on your smart phone

Online: simply click the "Give" button below (also done through

Please use an offering envelope when using cash, cheques, and debit machine. Charitable donations receipts are prepared and distributed in early February each year.