Mark 12:41-44
The Generous Poor Widow

The story of the generous poor widow is told in both the gospels of Mark and Luke. So we should pay attention to it. The story is full of contrasts: many rich people - one poor widow, many coins/much money - two small coins/little money, giving out of abundance - giving out of poverty, being self-reliant - having to trust God. The timing of the story is very intense (the Monday of Jesus' passion week), the setting is interesting (Jesus and his disciples watching people give their offerings... a rather uncomfortable idea, isn't it?), and the observation Jesus makes is insightful (that what we keep rather than what we give is the best way to gauge generosity).

The sermon concludes with two practical steps we can take to make a BIG difference through generosity. Pastor Gil also offers an opportunity to put the sermon into practice. If you'd like to contributein towards meeting this need, please contact the church office.