Psalm 10
2 Arise, Oh Lord

Psalm 10 speaks of the often-experienced reality where evil or evil people seem to rule the day at the expense of the week and vulnerable. In some ways, it's as if the psalmist peered into the future into what into the current Russian invasion of Ukraine. This psalm reminds us that sometimes God seems distant, the wicket prospers, there is no justice, and prayers appear to go unheard. In such time, Psalm 10 gives words to our praying and allows us to express disbelief, anxiety, confidence in God's rule, and anticipation of God's deliverance. And in verse 12 God is called to battle, to arise and defend the poor, helpless, and vulnerable.

In times of injustice and suffering, when God seems distant, uninvolved or aloof, Psalm 10 reminds us that we are not alone. God will arise to make things rights.