Psalms 1:1-2, 37:4-5, 40:7-8
3 Transformed Affections

When we speak of affections, we are talking about our deepest desires, longings, dreams, hopes, and aspirations. That which delights you the most is your greatest affection.

This sermon offers three simple ways our affections are transformed: through knowing and delighting in the Bible, through trusting and delighting the Lord, and through obedience/doing God's will. Six diagnostic questions are asked to help you gauge the condition of your affections. The conclusion offers three doable steps you can take to transform your affections. 

Foundations, a publication of the IMB says this: "disciples of Jesus grow to love what He loves, value what He values, and hate what He hates. Their affections are set on the things of God, and those affections grow to supersede the attractions of sin and the things of this world. They grow to obey God out of desire, not simply out of duty." This is what happens when are affections are transformed.