Matthew 16:18; Revelation 2-3
8 The Victorious Church

This is the eighth and final sermon in this series.

While it may not look this way in some parts of the world and under certain circumstance, the church is a victorious church. We have this confidence because Jesus guarantees the triumph of his church (Matthew 16:18). The messages to the seven church in Revelation chapters 2-3, give us hope. They faced significant struggles of every kind, yet Jesus stands in among them and speaks to them tenderly and firmly with words of hope following individual accusations against each church. This message points out four characteristics of each of seven messages and three principles we learn so we too can be victorious. 

Darrelly Johnson reminds us that "in addressing these seven particular churches Jesus is addressing all the churches. It turns out that the seven churches of Asia embody every major issue with which the church has strugled in every age in every cultural setting."