Acts 1:1-11
6. Our Part in God's Mission

This is the sixth sermon in the Reality Check series.

For far too long we have over-emphasized what we are saved from (hell, being enslaved to sin, etc.) and under-emphasized what we are save for (not just going to heaven, but also a meaningful life, being part of God’s mission to reconcile humanity and creation to himself, etc.). Jesus’ last command to his disciples in Matthew 28, Mark 16, and Acts 1 is the same – go and make more disciples. That is still the mission of every Christian and church today. This sermon teaches us four lessons we learn from Acts 1:1-11 and offers three practical ways how we should respond.

The words from Steve Green’s song The Mission are a good reminder for all of us:

To love the Lord our God/Is the heartbeat of our mission/The spring from which our service overflows/Across the street/Or around the world/The mission's still the same/Proclaim and live the Truth/In Jesus' name.