Ephesians 1:3
4 You Are More Blessed Than You Think

You are more blessed than you think!

To quote Darrell Johnson, "the God we bless blesses us." That's what Ephesians 1:3 tells us. In fact, praising or blessing God the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ is the expected and proper reaction to all the blessing we have been given. 

This sermon pinpoints these six observations from verse 3 of Ephesians 1: there is a new name, the source of the blessings, the realm of the blessings, the type of blessings, the quantity of the blessings, and the location of the blessings. 

Once again Johnson helps us understand this text, "this tells us that, ultimately, everything God does for the world in Jesus Christ leads to worship. For it ultimately manifests who God is, His glory; it all ignites and it all releases worship."

You are more blessed than you think!