Exodus 3:7-9, 12:1-33, 13:21-22, 25:8
2 God With Us in the Wilderness

Note: the terms "Egypt", "Promised Land" and "wilderness" are used as metaphors in this sermon. "Wilderness" is a metaphor for the time or process where we journey from where we are (our "Egypt") to where God wants us to be (our "Promised Land"). 

This sermon will remind you that getting from where you are to where God wants you to be is seldom straightforward or easy, but the destination is worth it. You will discover four principles and a few words of warning from the book of Exodus that will help you in your own wanderings in the wilderness. The sermon concludes with a reminder of your responsibilities: to call out to God, to be ready, to obey, and to not give in or give up.