Hebrews 11
11 Faith: the Key to Perseverance

Hebrews 10:38 quotes the Old Testament prophet Habakkuk to remind the readers, and us, that "the righteous shall live by faith." Hebrews 11 presents multiple examples of people who lived by faith to remind us, as it did the original readers, that faith was the key to their perseverance. The phrase "by faith" appears 18 times (19 in the NIV) in the chapter. It names 17 people, 3 groups of people, and 8 kinds of suffering endured by "others." We are reminded that though all those mentioned lived by faith, some triumphed while others died "without receiving what had been promised." This message offers five areas in which faith is critical for living the Christians life. The sermon ends with three practical ways we should respond to this chapter and challenges the hearer to take one small Kingdom risk within one month and a bigger Kingdom risk within the next 3-6 months. What Kingdom risks are you going to take?