Hebrews 10
10 A New and Living Way

 Hebrews 10 presents the fourth of five warnings in the book – to stand firm in the faith. Verses 19-25 remind us that we now have access to God (a new and living way) and a great high priest over the family of God. Therefore, we are to do three things, given in the form of exhortations: let us draw near to God, let us hold unswervingly to hope, and let us consider how to motivate each other to love and good deeds.

This sermon encourages us to ask ourselves the following questions:        

  • How do I draw near to God?         
  • What makes it hard for me to hold on to hope?         
  • How do I motivate others to love and good deeds?         
  • How can others motivate me to love and good deeds?

This chapter also addresses the recently often-quoted “not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing” (v.25). Is this text really applicable to our recent situation during the COVID-19 pandemic?