Acts 2:42-47
3 Fellowship: Life Together

Sermon #3 in the reSET Series.

Fellowship... it's not a common word we use in the English language outside of the Christian church. It's a world the Bible does not define but rather describes, especially in the book of Acts.

This sermon will mention four things that actually took place in the life of the early church (their fellowship), and reminds us of where and when the church fellowshiped. Now, before COVID19, some people made attending church about them - what music they liked, who they visited with before and after church, etc. Now, it seems that for some people not presently meeting in person, it's also all about them. If you don't have pre-existing medical concerns and your church is taking the necessary COVID-19 precautions, you really should be attending in person on Sundays. Being with your church family may be a blessing to you, but it will definitely be a blessing to others gathered.