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Every Sunday before COVID-19 people would stay after the end of the church service haning out in the lobby and the auditorium for fellowship (talk, pray, laugh). We're trying to recreate a virtual version of it. 

Every Sunday during the COVID-19 public gathering restrictions season, we will gather on ZOOM right after the Facebook Livestream church service for a time of virtual fellowship, conversation, and prayer. The first and last five minutes everyone will be in the same room, but we will spend about 15 minutes in small groups to facilitate sharing time. 

Platform: ZOOM

The ZOOM meeting details will be included in the weekly mailout and posted on the Facebook Livestream page towards the end of the church service. If you don't have a computer, you can also call in with a regular phone using the phone number and passworld listed in the ZOOM details. 

Time: right after the conclusion of the livestream church service