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The year 2019 is upon us. We want to dedicate ourselves to 19 days of fasting and prayer. This is a way of acknowledging our depedence on God for this year. When we give up food (or something else) and pray it is not in order to force God to do something for us. Rather, they are ways to conform to God's will, we empty ourselves to be filled with and by God. This season of fasting and praying is of a corporate nature not so much personal. This means that we will be fasting and praying for the congregation as a whole not for individuals per se. 

Here are some activities that will take place during this season of fasting and prayer:

  • Choose your fast (it should include food but can also include other things like social media, TV, etc.)
  • Decide how long you will fast (it can be one day, one meal every day, or multiple days)
  • There will be teaching and prayer at 6:00pm Sundays, January 13, 20, and 27
  • There will be prayer gatherings at 7:00pm Thursdays, January 17, 24, and 31