Ephesians 3:10-11
1 The Church

What is the church? Unfortunately, our English word church (far removed from the Greek Ekklesia) is almost exclusively understood as the place, building, or location where worship or a worship service takes place. But church, in its New Testament meaning, refers to the congregation, the people called out by God into his family. So teh church gathers as a community of worshippers (on Sundays or any other day of the week) and scatters as a proclaiming community sharing the good news of the gospel. 

This sermon offers four important reminders from Paul's words to church in Ephesus. These reminders should lead us to ask and answer three key questiosn: Do I have a biblical understanding of church? Do I value the church the way God wants me to? Do I see the church as an option or a necessity for my Christian life and maturity?

"Your Understanding of what the church is will shape your life and your living." ~ Colling Hansen & Jonathan Leeman