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Starting Sunday, September 20 we will be allowing singing with masks during worship. We will also be resuming a modified version of KidsMania Sundays (there are protocols in place and group size will be limited to 10 kid). Fellowship after the service will also be encouraged but please continue to wear a masks unless you are with your own family/cohort. 

As you know, the Alberta provincial government started its phase 2 of the relaunch strategy on June 12, a week earlier than planned. This lifted some (but not all!) of the restrictions related to places of worship. Click HERE to see the provincial document.  

As per our previous communication, this makes it possible for us to implement our phase 2 of return to in-person Sunday church services while still offering an online experience. Be advised that the in-person church experience will be very different than it used to be. Here is what both audiences can expect in the Sunday services for the time being:

  • Pre-service welcome ‘show’
  • Pre-recorded worship by our own worship teams, singing wth mask allowed
  • Video announcements
  • Live preaching
  • Coffee will not be served until further notice
  • Fellowshipping after the service can take place while wearing masks, unless you are with your family/cohort
  • Instead of the offering bag being passed around, there will be an offering basket where you can drop off you offering envelope
  • We will have communion (those watching online make sure you have the bread and cup) once a month
  • The service will be under an hour long

Please help us stay healthy and also comply with the provincial regulations by following these guidelines:

  • Arrive no later than 9:45am because getting into the building will take more time than usual
  • If you’re not feeling well, please stay home and enjoy the online church service
  • If possible, park in every other parking stall. Remember that there is angle parking available on Erie Street
  • Families with children are welcome as long as they can ensure the children will maintain the required physical distance. The nursery is also available for families with younger children, contact Pastor Gil to book it. It's available on a first come, first serve basis
  • Do the online self-screening Sunday before coming to church. Click HERE for online assessment.
  • Please stay home if you have any of the symptoms
  • If you haven’t done the online self screening becoming to church, you will be asked to do it before entering the auditorium. If you have any of the symptoms, you will be asked to go back home
  • Use hand sanitizer anytime you enter or leave the auditorium
  • Maintain six feet physical distance at all times, but wear a mask if that is not possible (like when coming and leaving)
  • Once you enter the building and are checked in (we are required to keep record of your attendance), you will be directed to your seats.
  • Please do not move any chairs, ask an usher if you need help
  • Use of non-medical masks is highly recommended at all times, especially when people are moving around
  • Singing with mask is now allowed (if you are not wearing a mask, please refrain from singing and use other forms of non-verbal worship experssions
  • Please follow all the directions of the ushers/greeters
  • Portions of the service are being livestreamed for our online church service, so there will be cameras in use. If you do not wish to be seen on camera/livestream, please let the ushers know and they will do their best to find you seating that’s out of the sightline of the cameras
  • Other than seniors, everyone should leave out the fellowshi hall door
  • We kindly request that you comply with these guidelines each Sunday. None of our ushers wants to have to be the ‘bad cop’ that has to come to ask you to observe the guidelines or, worse yet, ask you to leave after a second offence

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Contact someone from the Pastor’s Council or Pastor Gil if you have questions or suggestions.


  • Click HERE for COVID-19 information from our provincial government
  • Click HERE to take Alberta COVID-19 self-assessment (you need to do this before coming to church or you will need to do it when you arrive)